Know who is on site at any time, all the time!

Mosaic Tally System is a time & attendance monitoring system designed to take the strain out of construction site access. Initially designed for tunnelling projects, it has been adapted to suit all construction site scenarios.

The system is smart card operated allowing for significant throughput of staff and visitors with a single scan of the card. Entry can be made to be dependent upon appropriate skills, which are checked against worker records.

The online approach to ‘time & attendance’

This innovative system offers the user a cost effective solution to the complex issue of workforce tracking.


Key benefits delivered to our clients include:

  • Simplifies site access
  • Allows you to easily keep track of your workforce
  • Covers as many entry and exit points as you want
  • Lowers cost as less reliance on paperwork and spreadsheet

See how Countryside have benefits from a centrally managed record of time & attendance:

Case Study

Countryside use Mosaic Tally Systems to monitor access on their multiple national sites
Countryside use the Mosaic Tally System to monitor access nationally

Countryside, a leading national house builder, wanted a centrally based system to manage access and inductions across their sites. Mosaic fitted the brief nicely, in part because records could be transferred to new projects, and have been using us ever since.

To date they have used the Mosaic Tally System on 40 plus of their sites. From a client perspective, they like that the system is portable and can easily be transported onto the next project, along with accumulated data collected.