Monitoring your workforce fatigue risk made easy.

Construction workers are highly prone to fatigue in the workplace and therefore it is essential to have a fatigue risk management system in place. To work safely, construction workers must be physically and mentally alert.

Employers have a responsibility to manage fatigue in the workplace and must have controls in place to prevent accidents happening as a result of this. This usually involves having a Fatigue Management Plan in place. This is where Mosaic comes in to support deliver of this.


Key benefits delivered to our clients include:

  • Guards against accidents due to fatigue risk
  • No more paperwork and spreadsheets
  • Easy to monitor ‘in and out’ times
  • Real time alerts during shifts

See how London Power Tunnels incorporated our Fatigue Management System to target specific roles:

Case Study

London Power Tunnels - fatigue Management
Fatigue risk management system installed to eradicate double shifting

London Power Tunnels is an eight-year project to replace 32km of tunnels housing 400,000V transmission line cables across London. It is being delivered through a Costain and Skanska Joint Venture with Halcrow leading on design for the client National Grid.

The partners on this Joint Venture use the Mosaic fatigue risk management system to help target those roles where fatigue could be an issue. This also eradicates the opportunity for workers to double shift entirely.