Complete 360 degree view over all your stock and assets.

Asset and stock inventory management made trackable and easy with cloud-based technology.

Mosaic Asset & Stock Control Manager offers real time tracking of onsite stock and assets. Tag tools and stock with RFID tags and barcodes and use the smartphone app to check tools and stock against individual worker records.

The Mosaic Asset & Stock Manager works purely on the cloud and with smartphone app technology to deliver a seamless user experience, and reducing paperwork and costly mistakes.


The Mosaic Asset & Stock Control Manager streamlines inventory checks and deliveries, and is compatible with PDAs and smartphones. By being transportable and updating data in real time, no stock disappears in the vast ether and inspection reports can be stored against each item. The system can also alert managers when conduct regular stock inspections. This reduces rates of loss and theft, creating a better culture of responsibility onsite.

Asset & Stock Control Manager is a part of the Mosaic Systems family, so it slots in perfectly with other Mosaic products, reducing the need to work with multiple systems and records.

Try our cost saving calculator to see just how much you could be saving by tagging your assets.


Key Benefits for Construction Site Managers:

● Considerably reduces risk of loss or theft
● User-friendly interface – quick and easy to use
● Reduces associated paperwork costs and saves time
● Allows materials and equipment to be fully tracked
● Asset tagging and inspection compatible
● Prevents unqualified worker accessing equipment