Mosaic Perception measures your workforce’s confidence vs knowledge ratio. A true measure of competence.

This online assessment tool has been designed to support organisations who want to maximise workforce potential, while minimising downside risk.

The system will provide a grading: From Mistaken Knowledge (wrong but think they know) to Good Insight with certainty (right and they are sure about it).

Managers and Supervisors alike, ideally want their workers to act confidently and consistently within the parameters of policy, process and procedure regardless of external influences.

However, academic research studies point to as much a half of the workforce having knowledge gaps within their job roles. In addition, what is more worrying is a further 30% not only misunderstand, but have misplaced confidence in tasks they perform. This would compromise worker safety and could lead to accidents.

Perception works best in:

  • regulated industries, where compliance must be adhered to consistently.
  • Ideal for the construction sector where safety critical roles sit in an environment where high risk roles are required, yet a fluid workforce exist in the form of contractors and general churn rates.
  • It can also be employed in stakeholder driven industries, where reputation damage is a real threat from poor customer service.

Not only does Mosaic Perception identify knowledge shortcomings within your workforce, it better helps Management to visualise where you should target training and/or intervention of a different kind. This makes better use of coaching and development time, thereby improving your training ROI.