How overconfidence could cost your company money

Confidence plays a huge factor in a lot of matters, particularly judgements made in the workplace. Confidence in an individual or team comes from many sources and is influenced by many things, such as education, perception of a situation, and a work environment. A lack of confidence is as detrimental as overconfidence, which in the construction industry could translate to a loss of money, and even life.

What exactly is overconfidence?
Overconfidence isn’t necessarily arrogance or a poor personality trait – it is more when an individual is so confident about undertaking a task that they fail to assess potential dangers. It may be that an individual has had so much training, they feel they don’t need to learn anymore.

So when an individual goes into a project or building site, they have already made assumptions, which are not based on fact. They may not feel the need to fact-check or look at the details before undertaking a role. Overconfidence can then lead to poor decision-making, which can have disastrous consequences.

How overconfidence leads to poor decision-making
Typically, a risk assessment and method statement will clearly highlight the potentials risks. The individual or team could assume the job looks straightforward in their experience, and overconfidently begin work. A practical example is a slinger / signaller going to work on a site having not undertaken a rigorous assessment of the perimeter in which the crane will work. Having failed to assess the risk of worker traffic crossing this perimeter, he will inevitably endanger co-workers’ lives.

Whilst this is one example of the risks that can occur, smaller everyday risks are often taken on construction sites. From minor to major injuries, overconfidence is a real problem for construction sites and project managers.

How to reduce overconfidence on-site
Putting in more precautionary measures doesn’t always foster a better sense of safety on-site. It can have the opposite effect and make employees and contractors feel immune to any risks.

We’ve created Mosaic Perception, which is designed to address overconfidence at its root. This system uniquely measures a contractor’s confidence vs. knowledge ratio via an online assessment tool. This tool can be used on-site and in the office, and especially where there may be undiscovered gaps in staff knowledge. Where there is a high churn rate, Mosaic Perception can help reduce overconfidence.

Mosaic Perception helps companies to identify potential shortcomings within their workforce’s knowledge. Training is essential for many reasons, and retesting using Mosaic Perception will help ensure a return on investment. Not only does this keep costs down, it will also help to reduce associated risks and potentially save lives.

How we’ve helped businesses
We’ve helped a number of businesses, especially high-risk construction businesses, address and reduce the issue of overconfidence in their workforce. Speak to us today for a free demo (or even trial) of Mosaic Perception and our suite of supportive apps and software.