Case-Study-London-Power-TunnelsLondon Power Tunnels is an eight year project to replace 32km of tunnels housing 400,000V transmission line cables across London. It is being delivered through a Costain and Skanska joint venture with Halcrow leading on design.

The aim of the project is to enhance the power supply and replace cables, some of which have been operational for over 40 years, on behalf of the National Grid.

With close to 200 workers working on the project’s 7 to 13 sites at any one time, it’s hugely important to ensure there is an accurate picture of who is on site and what they are competent to do. This is not only to reduce safety risks but also to maximise efficiency.

Prior to implementing Mosaic, the precise requirements that include qualifications, attendance at training course had to be manually checked using a paper based system, which would be both time consuming and has the potential for errors with recording the information.

The Mosaic system has empowered National Grid to:

  • Ensure all worker’s details are logged when they receive their initial project induction and drug and alcohol test at the project’s head office
  • Ensure that any worker that has been removed from one site doesn’t immediately start working on another site if it’s inappropriate for them to do so
  • Access and updates data on site – as and when necessary, to ensure that people are working competently and safely
  • Identify and highlight competency gaps, so they can be flagged up on the worker’s record.

Martin Dodd, Project Safety Manager states,

“We had seen Mosaic being used at another site and were impressed by its flexibility, which means that we can meet the specific competence requirements of individual sites and what it takes to perform an effective job”.