To help avoid workforce churn, plan your inductions with staff in mind

Thames Tideway induction

According to the London Coaching Company, 4 out of 5 company offer a below par induction, which contributes to 20% of new employees leaving a business within first 6 months. With an average cost for replacing new staff running as high as £30,611 this is an expense you can’t afford. Recruitment doesn’t end with the offer being made and accepted, it’s vital to plan your new starter’s initial journey with inductions, training and even use mentors.

deliver site inductions online or offline or a combination of the two
Options to deliver site inductions online or offline or a combination of the two

Companies need to develop a detailed on-boarding and induction strategy. Plan a comprehensive induction programme and consider what information your new team member will need to thrive. You might even want to consider providing a mentor. Also define your employee’s KPIs from the outset giving them a sense of direction and purpose from the get go.  

Mosaic operates in the construction sector, where inductions are vital to help and inform new workers coming onto projects and sites. In this environment, having a competent induction program means having compliance with Health and Safety and employment legislation


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