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Mosaic is a construction orientated competency management system that can deliver across multiple locations or projects, while integrating with other systems. We ensure clients have the most effective solution for having the right people with the right skills at the right time, resulting in enhanced efficiency with minimal competency issues.

Mosaic manages qualifications, ongoing assessments, inductions, professional development and training, resulting in overall improvement of productivity. We have an impressive re­subscribe rate showing that its essential products are vital to their clients overall induction, compliance and operational processes, thereby saving them time, money and reducing accidents through improved health and safety.


Mosaic Management Systems is the trading name of Galven Limited and was founded in 2008. Better known as just ‘Mosaic’ to its clients, it is a sophisticated and industry critical competency management software suite predominately for the construction sector and infrastructure space.

Mosaic is used by the biggest names in the construction industry to manage a range of safety critical and workforce competency issues.  It is often mandated by companies due to the significant role it plays in reducing site health and safety issues, increasing security, improved productivity and consequent time saved.


  • Simplify Construction, Project and Site Management
  • Effectively support and manage multi-company projects
  • Streamline operational processes for Induction / employee onboarding, Compliance and Health & Safety
  • A comprehensive and invaluable management support tool
  • Greater Productivity and Cost Savings
  • A key established infrastructure partner


One smart card to manage all site worker competencies
One smart card to manage all site worker competencies
CSCS IT Partner


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