What we do:

We provide a Health & Safety Passport for companies who need to ensure that all of their workforce is adhering to certain standards and work at their onsite locations. This passport allows companies to store and retrieve essential health and safety information from a single platform. Not only does this save time and money, it helps ensure security and safety of the entire workforce.

Peace of mind for high risk industries:

As we specialise in high risk industries such as construction, we have tailored our products to ensure best delivery for managing workforces with transient & permanent staff, and subcontractors.

How do we deliver?

We provide a central web based portal that can be as simple as storing basic information by logging in through the internet, or much more substantial storing an array of information updated, and accessed using Smart cards, Biometrics, Access Control and mobile devices.

Clients using the system:

Mosaic Management Systems clients

Sectors we operate in

Public Sector

Mosaic has substantial experience delivering leading edge applications to local and central government projects.


Mosaic has worked with some of the largest utility companies delivering solutions to increase productivity on projects.


We have been the number one workforce management solution of choice for the UK’s leading water companies.


Mosaic has provided solutions for contractors working on some of the most iconic and strategically important rail projects.


With over 8 years’ experience in the Construction industry, we provide clients, main contractors and subcontractors with online safety solutions.


Mosaic software is used on various major Highway projects to manage competency and comply with Health & Safety standards.

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